Which EPR do the NHS Prefer?

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Which EPR do the NHS Prefer?

It can be hard to know which EPR system would be the right choice for your healthcare organisation. Although, gauging which system is most popular within your sector can be beneficial to anyone making decisions. But which EPR do the NHS mostly commonly use?

The EPR that has the biggest footprint amongst our primary care clients is RiO. As a fully integrated Electronic Health Record, RiO enables information to be easily accessed, shared, and managed. Vital for primary care services, RiO minimises time spent on administrative and clinical processes improving overall functionality.

By working alongside healthcare professionals, RiO is a system that’s been designed with everyone in mind. With users at the forefront of their focus, RiO caters to the needs of the Trust, Practitioners, and their Patients alike. It comes as no surprise then that more and more healthcare organisations are adopting RiO as their chosen EPR.

So, why is it so popular? Here are a few of the reasons why RiO is favoured by healthcare organisations…

Workflow management

With better handling of patient records, easy accessibility to information, and a simple-to-use system, workflows become a whole lot better to manage. As a result, RiO improves overall efficiencies by making processes more streamlined.


Improved patient care

RiO improves patient are. How does it improve? It gives you the time needed to deliver and maintain exceptional care for all patients. As well, for patients, RiO is easy to use and easy to access.


Reduces costs

Having a centralised place for information and data reduces the amount you spend on investments that don’t keep your resources all in one place. With RiO not only does the system reduce errors & duplications of records but reduces the time spent on administrative tasks. By eliminating wasted resources, financial costs are minimised through system efficiency.


What we can do for you

We work connect experts in niche health market. Within the EPR & Clinical Systems, I specialise in working with public sector healthcare organisations, supplying the specialist skill sets required to deploy and support implementations Pre & Post Go-Live.

If you're a client looking for an experienced EPR Professional to help in your deployment or you are a market expert looking for a new opportunity, get in touch. You can contact me on 01772 278050, connect with me on LinkedIn (Tom Wyke), or at thomas.wyke@itworkshealth.co.uk.