Which Vendor is Offering the Best Value for Money in the Clinical Systems Market?

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Value for Money?
With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know which Electronic Patient Record (EPR) can offer you the best value for money. It is essential that you choose a vendor that will offer you the right solution, support, and price point for the product you wish to implement in your organisation. Requiring a huge amount of financial investment, it is important to consider which vendor can deliver you quality at a competitive rate. 

Like RIO, SystmOne has a significant footprint amongst our primary care clients. Supporting several NHS Trusts, vendors TPP are one of the market leaders and offer great value for money with their product, SystmOne. SystmOne has a range of key components targeting a number of clinical & administrative problems by providing technological solutions. 

So, what is it TPP offer that make them one of the biggest market competitors? Here are a few of the reasons why SystmOne, is a product that can offer your organisation good value for money… 


Record integration
SystmOne integrates records to make it easier for information to be accessed. Record integration helps to speed up the chain of information behind the scenes. This makes it a lot easier for patients to be referred to the right medical professional ensuring they receive quicker specialised care. 


SystmOne is a product designed to improve interoperability. Interoperability means technology works with and alongside multiple IT systems already in place. With SystmOne, vendors TPP aim to increase interoperability for care delivery to be more efficient and consistent, regardless of locality. By investing in SystmOne, you have vendors that will understand and help to develop your infrastructure. 


Improved functionality 
SystmOne also improves functionality for care services ranging in size. Centralising information, TPP provide an EHR solution that works for everyone. Providing the necessary infrastructure, SystmOne improves overall functionality by reducing the time spent on administrative & clinical processes. As a result, SystmOne facilitates patient needs whilst ensuring their care is well-informed. 


What we can do for you?
Here at IT Works Health, we are solution providers. Working to connect experts, we operate solely in niche healthcare markets. Dedicated to finding you talent, we connect you to the experienced EHR specialists you need for your system implementation, stabilisation, or optimisation. 

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