Why It Pays To Keep An Eye On The Market

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Whether you’re a client or candidate… keeping an eye on the shape of the market is hugely important.

In an ever-growing marketplace, it can be easy to assume as a client that there will be an abundance of candidates ready and waiting when needed to be called upon (whether that be a permanent or contracting role). Similarly, a candidate that is currently secure in a role could assume that they will immediately find a role once their contract ends or if they decide to leave. Whatever your situation, it might not be as easy to find your next employee or job.

Let’s start with the candidates. Many candidates that work in contract will start a role and forget or lose interest in what is going on in the rest of the market. It is easy to forget. Why? Well, you’ve just started a new job, why would you want to look for another one already?

Even though this may seem unnecessary if you have just started, being proactive is key! Remaining in contact with a recruiter and having knowledge of what’s going on in your market can really help you out for when start to think about new opportunities. From the get-go when you do choose to move on, keeping an eye on the market can significantly increase your chances of success - whether that be in 3 months or 3 years!

Let’s say that you’re a month and a half in to a 6-month project. You kept a close eye on the market when you first started but your interest has now faded as you’re in a fairly stable and comfortable position. A recruiter then has a requirement for your perfect role starting just after your current project. It is important for you to keep in communication with a recruiter and understand the current situation of your market to not let any opportunity slip through your hands.

Now for clients. Working with niche systems and markets often means that really good candidates are hard to come by. Making sure you keep an eye on the market consistently means you can avoid bad hires. This leads you straight to finding the right candidate at the time when you are looking to recruit additional or replacement staff. As with any niche market, there is always a lack of abundant talent because of the ready for the time you need. This means that keeping an eye on the market should be an essential part of your process.

By working with IT Works Health, you can source and hire the right candidates when you need them even in the most niche of markets. Our dedicated team have a singular focus on highly specified niches within the healthcare IT marketplace and are on hand to help you at any time.

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