Working with LIMS in the NHS

What is LIMS in the NHS?

Explaining LIMS in the NHS

As the digital health revolution unfolds with a steady speed through the NHS, many patients are entirely unaware of what’s been happening. And as most UK residents are patients long before they might work there, it’s not uncommon to hear new staff wonder: what is LIMS in the NHS?

Explaining LIMS in the NHS

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) were originally designed to remove points where human error can contaminate test data or affect the results of experimental data. In the NHS, LIMS is used extensively to automate time-consuming processes and ensure that data is replicated accuracy from system to system within the hospital.

Any LIMS has to be designed to interface with a wide variety of software that might be useful, and will have to be customisable on top of that.

An inevitable result of this combination of power and flexibility is that the system requires a skilled hand to set up, and may even require code writing to modify an existing API or to write a new integration from scratch.

Once implemented and configured, they still require support for the Trust to get the most from them.And all of these required experienced LIMS experts.

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