Whatever your laboratory field, a LIMS consultant can set you up for greater success

Choosing a LIMS Consultant

What is a LIMS Consultant?

LIMS consultants are there to support and aid any LIMS project. They can identify user requirements and configure your LIMS appropriately.

Your ideal consultant should be organised, time-efficient, detail-oriented and have strong communication skills in addition to their familiarity with LIMS. At the end of the day, if you’re planning a LIMS implementation and you don’t have all these skills and experience in your existing IT team, you’ll need at least one consultant.

Who to Choose?

If you have settled on the appropriate system for your business, the consultant you hire should be familiar with it. As many LIMS consultants specialise, this first step will significantly winnow out unsuitable candidates.

If you’re putting together a LabVantage project, for example, your candidate should have LabVantage experience, and similarly with LabWare, etc.

Another thing to consider when hiring a consultant is their level of industry-specific expertise and experience in the right lab environments. So, if you are in the pharmaceutical industry and are implementing a LIMS, the right candidate should specifically have experience with a pharmaceutical lab implementation project.

Other Experience

The amount of other experience a candidate need depends on the scope of the project. Can what you need be accomplished by one consultant? If there is a deadline on the project, does that change things?

Whatever skills are supplied by someone else, you’ll still want your LIMS consultant to have strong documentation skills and familiarity with other IT systems relevant to the implementation.

Unless you’re also hiring a project manager for the implementation, you’ll also want someone familiar with project management. It might be important, especially if you’re only using one consultant, that they can train your staff in using the LIMS.

To find the perfect candidates takes time and experience in the market. Contact us today to discuss your project. We’ll help you build out a job role and provide you with candidates who can do everything you’re looking for, available at the right time.