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Why are we best placed to help you?

When IT Works was founded in 2004, we had two employees, an office with no windows and initially supported NHS and private healthcare organisations in the North West region. Our rapid expansion from organisation to organisation, county to county to our current UK wide expertise, came as a result of our reputation in the market and our ‘human’ ability to deliver quality systems experts.

What do we mean by "We're Connecting Experts"?

We place the right people, in the right opportunities at the right time. This is why we are known for being the experts in our fields. We do this by partnering with you to understand your requirements, providing you with industry insights that will help guide you through the recruitment process and help you understand the options available to you in the market.

We have a reputation for delivering results and successful outcomes for our customers which is why we boast about the results that we have on our individual market pages, figures like...

"95% of our Contractors are placed a second time post project completion, or are extended on the project."

"97% of our Permanent placements stay with their employer for 3+ years."

Our Markets



    When 85%+ of all Recruitment firms in the UK have less than 3 people, our size and successful history means that we're big enough to make a difference to you, but small enough that you matter to us.

    Market Leading Technology


    We invest heavily in the number 1 market leading technologies but technology alone can't find you the right people. The application of cutting edge technology alongside knowledge, combined with expert skill helps us find the 'unfindable' for you.



    A database means nothing if it's just for the sake of a number. Our niche market focus means that we speak to each and everyone. Candidates matter individually because within that number are the people who will make the difference for you.

    Survey Result


    In a recent survey of customers 97% stated they would recommendIT Works. We have high levels of returning customers and this is something we pride ourselves on.

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Our candidates & clients leave real reviews.

  • Quote

    ​Tom is the ultimate recruitment specialist he understands yourrequirements and works tirelessly to fulfil your requirementswhilst not wasting your time with irrelevant CVs he also works toprovide solutions to your recruitment needs

    Managing Partner , Client
  • Quote

    Tom is a very honest person to work with, especially in an industry where many are out there to waste your time and do not follow up on inquiries. Every time I have spoken to Tom I've always felt he will follow up on what he has agreed to do for you. Good news or bad, he will tell you how it is and won't shy away from it. In a tough and very competitive industry, its good to work with someone like Tom who will put you in your position with out feeling like you are led on. My time working with him was very positive, and at a time where I needed the guidance and support. Tom gave me the correct advice and was thorough with the detail. I would happily work with Tom again in the future and won't hesitate to reach out to him when I need to. Thanks Tom.​

    Digital Transformation Projects & Programme Manager , Client
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    ​I am fairly new to the world of contracting and Tom was fantastic at talking me through how things worked and any worries I had moving from full-time employment. I was concerned and wary of the change, however I am so glad I made the move and since then Tom has been there whenever I have had a query or wanted to discuss anything to do with my job. He has always been professional, polite and quick to respond. I highly recommended his services.

    Senior EPR Developer , Candidate
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    ​I was headhunted by Daniel for a position as Senior Scientist inData Analytics. His close and professional support along theway helped me succeed in the application process, landing me agreat job!

    Senior Scientist in Data Analytics , Candidate
  • Quote

    ​I reached out to Daniel when I spotted a role he was working on that l might have been a good fit for. During the application and interview process Daniels professionalism, support and guidance was invaluable and having that other person to talk through pre and post interviews was very beneficial. Daniel has a superb knowledge of his industry and really does go the extra mile for his clients and the candidates. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel.

    Senior Consultant , Candidate
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    ​I would highly recommend Joe as a recruiter he has been a pleasure to work with. Joe is professional, diligent and very timely with his responses. Joe always kept me well informed throughout the recruitment process and was quick to respond to my queries. From my experience you won’t find a better recruiter!

    Healthcare Digital Solution Specialist , Candidate
 Permanent Radiology and Cardiology IT Professionals

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